My breastfeeding and dairy saga

19 Jan

I had a wonderful water birth without any meds. Brought home my baby the same day and snuggled up. 3 days later, my in laws came to visit and we had great big sandwich with fresh mozzarella cheese yum yum. I noticed a week later my daughter was getting gassy and started crying at nights which she never did before. She began to get a lot of mucus and things got worst. By week 2, she couldn’t sleep and we started searching for gas meds. My hubby bought a pediatrician recommended brand but it didn’t work.  Weeks later we found colic calm- thank heavens for this miracle natural gas reliever for babies. A combination of sleeping on her stomach and using colic calm helped us all get the sleep we needed. We started researching why she got so gassy and found that she was allergic to the dairy protein. I eliminated dairy from my diet and she improved a little but what I didn’t know is that dairy is hidden in almost everything. If your baby has milk allergy, make sure you read all food labels. So she still had alot of mucus and our friend told us by 4 months she should clear up but that didn’t happen. She started to breathe noisy and the Dr said some babies have a floppy voice so they will breathe noisy. At 8 months I tried introducing her to cheese and she seemed fine so we moved on to yogurt and to me she seemed fine. A bout two months later she started having cold like symptoms, sleep apnea, fever everytime she was teething and got sick that I would have to stay out of work. At 15 months we took her to the ENT and he diagnose her with enlarge adenoids and fluid in her ears, of course only option was surgery. We went to see a Naturopathic Dr who gave us some homeopathic meds and started us on an elimination diet. Within too weeks, she was better and we couldn’t even hear her when she was breathing. We are still in the process of working on reducing her adenoids. Many moms like myself may not be able to digest cow’s milk protein and pass it onto our babies causing the babies to be colick, gassy and to develop ear infections and tonsillitis as the dairy produces and auto immune reaction.


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