Tips on how to avoid stinky cloth diaper pail

29 Dec

No one wants a stinky diaper pail in their house  so here are some tips on how to  avoid a stinky diaper pail. cloth diaper pail

  • Allow air to circulate through your diaper pail. so the diapers can breathe. If the diapers are stored in an airtight pail, the heat in the pail will cause bacteria to multiply quickly and cause the diapers to smell as well as cause the urea in the diaper to convert into ammonia.
  • Add an odor disc or pail freshener to the diaper pail to help keep the smell away.  You can also add a little baking soda in the diaper pail or on a paper towel with a drop of tea tree oil.
  • Be sure to rinse out all poopy diapers before adding them to dirty diaper pail exception to this is breastfeed poopy diapers. If your overnight diapers smell, give the diaper a quick rinse before adding it to the pail.
  • Wash your cloth diapers every 2-3 days. The longer the diapers sit around in the pail, the more they will smell.
  • Make sure you are using enough detergent to wash the diapers so they don’t retain urine or ammonia which can cause the diaper pail to smell stinky.

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