How to get rid of poopy stains on your cloth diapers

29 Dec

Nothing makes a diaper look dingy than poop stains. No matter how clean  and fresh smelling they are, poop stain is a turn off especially for my hubby. To avoid stains, rinse the poop out immediately using cold water in a washing machine, with a diaper sprayer, dunk in the toilet or whatever method you choose to use then add to dirty diaper pail.  The stain should fade away over time with repeated washing. If the stains does not go away after several washes, you have several options. You can use the best stain remover ever created.. the Sun. Put the diaper out to sun dry after washing or before washing put the diaper in a soapy solution to sun. I still put my diaper out to sun in the winter. You can also spray some lemon juice on the stains before sunning to remove stubborn stains.  Lastly you can use natural stain removers such as Bi-O-Kleen bac- out stain remover or oxi-clean.


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