To cloth or not cloth diaper when travelling

19 Dec

Travelling itself can be a stress especially around the holiday time plus the the thought cloth diapering while on vacation can be another stress. Can you cloth diaper when travelling..yes. I did in Florida but it takes some planning. The first question you need to ask yourself is, is a washing machine available and second how long will you be gone for. If there is no machine and you will be gone for more than 1-2 days then I would use disposables. I personally like 7th generations. If you have a machine then you are in business. I flew so I pack her suitcase with her clothes and diapering needs that is diapers and wipes. This is when all in ones are worth the money. Determine how often you will want to wash and how many diapers you want to carry as they do take up room in the suitcase. Make sure you have some diapers and wipes in your carry on with a plastic bag or wet bag for back up. You can also do a combination of disposables and cloth. Example disposables on the plane, when you are out and about and cloth when you are at home or hotel. I did use a disposables on the plane because we had alot of delays on our flight but cloth otherwise. When I got to Florida I  bought a small detergent to wash her clothes and diapers. If you are driving you can set up your cloth diapers in a laundry basket or use one of those organizing basket to arrange your diapers and other accessories or just use a bag. The basket will give you more ease so you don’t have to dig for things. Don’t forget your wet bag. If you are like me and have cloth wipes then don’t forget to pack your wipe ingredients or you could just use water. Good luck and happy travelling.


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