cloth diapering my sick baby with diarrhea

19 Dec

My daughter caught a bad cold at daycare and has being vomiting and  pooping diarrhea almost twice a day. Thanks for the invention of washing machines. I have a quick rinse cycle about 9 minutes on my machine so that came in real handy. The thing with diarrhea is it is running so it is easy to wash out in the machine. I just quick rinse the diaper and then put it with other dirty diapers to be wash later at the end of the day. Rinsing poop diaper with cold water helps prevent the poop stain from setting in. Don’t have quick rinse cycle, just cold rinse for a few minutes then set the machine to spin to get the excess water out. If you don’t have a washing machine, you could dunk in a wash bucket, or if you don’t mind the toilet or just invest in one of those diaper hose sprays. By the way, the sun is the most magical stain remover ever.

I really appreciate cloth diapers especially with poops because I hate to think of the many poopy diapers out there in our landfills. At least I know  her waste is getting treated. The other good thing with the cloth diaper is she did not get any bad rash which would have being bad. I don’t use  the popular diaper rash creams anymore since I started cloth diapering. I use pure unrefined shea butter or papaya ointment which is awesome. Most people recommend not using any cream or oil with cloth diapers but with cotton diapers I do use them as it washes out nicely. The best part with all the stress of taking care of her was I never had to worry about running to the store to get more diapers only to throw them away.


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