Daycare and cloth diapering

13 Dec

I got really frustrated when my daughter came home from daycare with gel from the disposable diaper all over her bum. I knew of all the health hazard associated with disposable diapers but was too afraid to ask the daycare provider to make the switch. This is a problem for many moms too, they are afraid that the daycare providers will say no and maybe they will, but you will never know until you ask.

All in ones diapers are the best diapers for diaper care providers as they are easy to use. I found that giving a demonstration to the daycare provider helped ease the fear of using cloth diapers. Daycare providers will also give you the excuse of health dept don’t want cloth diapers because it is unsanitary. However, it is the same difference as dumping the poop in a diaper pail and having it remain there for hours. Make sure to send a wet bag to put the poopy diapers in. I tell my daycare lady just to dump the poop and all in but she dumps the poop for me in the toilet which where it belongs anyways. I send a bag of diapers every morning with my cloth wipes and a wet bag. I like cloth wipes because I don’t have to separate the wipes from the diapers on laundry day.  I  am so glad that I overcame my fear and asked because now my daughter is exclusively cloth diapered. No more running to the store because I ran out of diapers.>


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